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Off to Zambia

by: Kairos Dela Cruz

It’s past midnight and I am in a bar in Changi Airport with less than half a pint of Guiness and I’m thinking to myself, “what the heck am I doing here?” I’m spiraling down to despair near grief that I have to leave my daughter during her exam week. I won’t deny that I left home with a heavy heart, and in some way I know that I have to make this trip count more than the others.

I went through the pile of travel documents I have separated in an envelope in my bag just to burn some time. So here’s a rundown of my schedule, I have to fly to Singapore to catch a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa then I’m off to Lusaka, Zambia. In all, I’ll be flying for 16 hours and 20 minutes with layovers in between totaling to seven hours.  To cut the story short, I have to travel for almost a day, and for what?

I’ll be speaking in behalf of my office at the National Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation Finance, Governance and Accountability at the New Government Complex Building in Lusaka tomorrow, 12th of August.  I’ll present our experiences on our work on the Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative (AFAI) to an audience of top government officials, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders in Africa.

Before leaving home I know that my daughter knew it in her that I’m doing something important and I wouldn’t miss the fun in preparing for her exams. So I finished my pint, prayed for the best, and board my ten and a half hour flight to Jo’ burg.

I’ll make this count, and I’ll keep you posted.

Download the Philippine AFAI Report here

Additional note:

AFAI is currently implemented in Nepal, Philippines, Uganda, and Zambia with partners from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), World Resources Institute (WRI), and Oxfam.