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Now is the Time!

By Danica Marie Supnet

We are bolstering our work on fair climate policy and sustainable energy solutions—but this time, we bring it to the streets!

While our delegates ready to combat in the arena of climate negotiations in Paris, we are here in the Philippines to take part in the global march for climate justice. The March for Climate Justice Pilipinas assembled an army of climate advocates and stakeholders representing the youth, religious groups, indigenous people, women, and labor groups.  We shout “Climate Justice Now is the Time” as we brave the hot streets of Quezon City.

We say “Cut it Deep, Cut it Now” towards the top emitters of greenhouse gas, imploring them to keep to the global Grand standtarget for mitigation, which is to ensure temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius. We push for clean and efficient “Energy Transformation by shifting to renewable energy. We call for the protection of the people’s rights to “Food, Land and Water”. We keep watch to ensure an efficient “Delivery of Climate Finance” to the most vulnerable communities, dealt with climate impacts and loss and damages, to pave way for sustainable development. Hence, we encourage all people and communities to “Protect our Common Home”.

Such a strong movement for climate justice reminds us that climate change is indeed one of the greatest challenges of humanity today. With the continuous degradation of the environment, our survival is at stake. Climate change has huge impacts on our lives, our families and communities, our country, and the whole world.  There is a need for urgent action to compel world leaders to come up with concrete climate actions and solutions for a greater, fairer and more equitable climate policy.


EDSA revolution before, March for Climate Justice Pilipinas now!

Despite the difference in numbers, history has shown that strong social movements play an influential role in reforming our country. Through this movement we send our call for a fair and ambitious global climate agreement ahead of the Paris climate talks.

Our team is part of the strong 15,000 people who took part in the march. We did what we can here in the Philippines, we wish that we can do more. We are confident that our delegation will echo our cries in Paris even louder, because they have the love, support, and voice of all the Filipinos.