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New Space and a new year

It’s our first big announcement this year, and of course, there are more great things in store. But we thought the move out of Matalino St., out of Eagle Court Condominium, to where we now hold office is worth announcing.

We’ve made the big leap, a little bit away from friends in the NGO cosmos of Diliman, and closer to the heart of thrift and one of the more significant cultural hubs of Quezon City – the district called Cubao, in a compound called Cubao Expo, or simply Cubao X to more youthful denizens today.

You know the drill, just go to point A :)

You know the drill, just go to point A 🙂

Many of you might remember our new digs, if once upon a time in the not so distant past you went here to get shoes, for yourself or for your kids. Cubao X was once known as the Marikina Shoe Expo, right along Gen. Romulo Ave, near the site of the famous COD, where Santa and Reindeer displays and big crowds used to be the main attraction every December.

Our new place – we feel it’s completely

in keeping with our committment to contribute

to the larger community working on climate change policy and sustainable solutions. We’re in the center of commerce, we’re in a quiet space during daytime – inviting reflection and partnerships and informed debate – and come dusk, the Cubao X compound comes alive with the vigor of young professionals, journalists, photographers, businesspersons and bankers, artists and musicians, celebrities looking to unwind or sustain good conversation.iCSC_officewarming

We’re quite easy to reach, a stone’s throw away from everything – from the famed Araneta Coliseum, Gateway, and Ali Mall, reachable by rail – the Cubao Station of MRT – or jeepney or buslines from EDSA or near


It’s a great start for iCSC, which we expect to grow steadily as our policy and solutions portfolios expand. The office remains true to the organization’s standard of work – stay lean and hungry, and approach problems sideways – guided by a distinguished, committed Board, most of whom broke bread with staff as we opened the new office quietly in early March. If you click on this link, you’ll get to know more about who they are, including this link for a profile of the office staff – each one with a colorful story to tell. This tells you as well that we’ve not only moved our physical office — we’ve also into a new virtual space as well, a website that better reflects the spread and depth of our work and the color that often accompanies our pursuit of the sustainability agenda.

So, welcome, friends. And don’t just visit our webpage – drop by our office as well..