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Janssen Mozar Martinez

janssen pictureJanssen is a graduate of Sociology from the University of Santo Tomas. Among his research interests are urban sociology, public sociology, and mass transportation studies.

His interest in social research began during his junior and senior college years, when he became involved as a student research assistant in a research project being implemented by the UST Research Center on Culture, Education, and Social Issues (UST-RCCESI), along some of his classmates. He strongly believes that social problems can only be solved through extensive research, not by mere prayers and rigged elections. As of the moment, he continues to pave an adventurous path of becoming a researcher, as he recently began working with iCSC as a research consultant.

When not working, sleeping, or mindlessly Facebook-ing and Instagram-ing, Janssen spends his time baking for his beloved family and friends. Oatmeal-raisin cookies, carrot and banana cakes, and anything made with bittersweet chocolate are among his favorite creations. He sells baking tools to home-bakers through his store, SenPie Baking Tools.

If time permits, Janssen also likes to travel within imaginary worlds through fiction novels. Believing that a book is one’s best weapon against the temptations and hazards of boredom, he never fails to bring a book wherever he goes. He collects books series and regularly visits thrift bookstores, hoping to discover hidden book gems and interesting titles to hoard. His goal is to read the best titles of the 20th and 21st centuries and have them in his personal library. This interest in books has led him to co-manage another store, CheapbooksPh.

Janssen’s ambition: to become a well-established researcher, baker, and chiropractor.