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Flirting with climate finance: Getting Commitments from a Fling

by Kairos Dela Cruz

Funding climate-related projects has always been too technical to understand and too broad to empathize with, these are the same reasons why I chose to make it a little more ticklish, make it something baduy enough–like flirting.

The Philippines has a Climate Change Commission (CCC) that negotiates with developed countries to funnel in fund streams to our local coffers for climate change adaptation and mitigation projects. The Commission courts for climate funds from developed/rich countries because they have been emitting carbon, depleting natural resources, among other envi crimes for a very long time and yet developing countries (like the Philippines) get the burden of having to face its most adverse effects with no resources to do so. This might sound gibberish, but it is a necessary gibberish for this piece.

Where is the flirting in this?

Flirting happens in the international climate finance negotiations table when rich country representatives try to appear interested in providing funds for developing countries by flaunting agreements, unities, and protocols, when in truth paying-up is just as impossible as getting commitments in flirting. As of this day, rich country negotiators only commit to flirting and nothing more.

In the recent intercessional meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bangkok, good food and venue are wasted when rich country negotiators locked climate talks by refusing to commit tangible carbon emission cuts and climate finance streams amidst the insistence of climate-vulnerable developing countries. Rich country negotiators have the reputation of flirting too much on negotiation tables, they bring with them kinks of diversions like political instability and economic distress alongside shady proposals on transportation and energy. Then again, they flirted but never committed any thing.

Fortunately, Filipinos’ long time fling (the government) started committing to localize climate actions plans like the 1 billion per annum allocation to the People’s Survival Fund. It is a small commitment but it is still

a commitment, something to start with.

I myself flirted but I soon committed to a wonderful wife and daughter. Flirting must go somewhere, to commitments or to hell, who knows? Nonetheless, flirting with climate finance on countries that badly needs is an empty promise if there are no imminent long time commitments.

To rich country negotiators, grow up and move one, we have flirted enough..