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Climate Finance

The climate crisis is worsening. Our goal: establish direct access-driven, transparent, community-sensitive, long-term adaptation finance for the most vulnerable in the Philippines. The iCSC is one of the proponents of the Depensa! campaign, which seeks to re-articulate adaptation as an urgent development-driven response to climate change.

iCSC launched the groundbreaking report “Financing Adaptation or Funding Chaos? Adaptation, Finance and Philippine Climate Policy” with Oxfam in July 2010. The report revealed the governance chaos prevailing over the administration of climate finance that has entered country coffers. The recommendations in our report have helped drive discussions in the Philippine Senate, the Lower House, relevant national agencies and local governments.

iCSC engages all levels of the Philippine government, including civil society networks and the academe, to generate support for effective climate policy and the passage of landmark climate change legislative initiatives, such as the People’s Survival Fund bill..

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