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Cars, Electric Vehicles, and the Olympics

by:Reina Garcia

For the past couple of months, the spotlight is on the city of London, host to the recently-concluded Summer Olympic and Paralympic games. The trend in Olympic hosting nowadays, aside from having the biggest, newest, most high-tech state-of-the-art venues and ceremonies watched by the most number of people around the world, is to have the greenest Games. China was the first host to explicitly declare its commitment to go green as part of its campaign to host the 2008 Olympics, and for its turn, London upped the green factor by promoting the use of electric vehicles (EVs).

Earlier this year, during the conference on Sustainable Transport in the Philippines organized by iCSC with the British Embassy, Mr. Garrett Emmerson of Surface Transport (Transport for London) hinted on the plans of London for a sustainable Games that is public transport-oriented. Emmerson said that the Olympics would essentially be a “huge exercise on managing travel across the city”… be it by road or rail, or even by the shift in travel behaviour.

Garrett Emmerson of Surface Transport (Transport for London) speaks during the conference on Sustainable Transport organized in March 2012 by iCSC with the British Embassy (c) Gigie Cruz-Sy / iCSC

200 EVs from sponsor BMW were

deployed during the Games, serving the athletes, officials, and logistics staff. To support the vehicles, 120 charging points were installed especially for the Games. After the conclusion of the Paralympics, those charging points would be open for public use. These and the data gathered from the management of traffic during the Games would be the legacy

of the Games to the future of transport in London.


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Aside from the 200 EVs, BMW also debuted the mini-me of its MINI E electric car. Mini MINIs: Imagine a small MINI Cooper, but powered by a 10 horsepower electric motor and controlled by radio. These mini MINIs proved to be trustworthy and hardworking little critters, carrying athletic equipment such as javelins, hammers, discuses and shots from the field to the throwing area during the track and field events.

The only thing that would have made it all perfect was if the Spice Girls rode

electric-powered MINI Coopers into the closing ceremonies.


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