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Bidding on e-trike project pushed

January 30, 2011, Sun Star Manila

THE Congressional Commission on Science, Technology, and Engineering (COMSTE) and the Electric Vehicle Alliance of the Philippines (EVAP) wanted an Asian Development Bank project for 20,000 electric tricycles bid out to different manufacturers.

Comste said the ADB and the Department of Energy have already tapped a local designer to produce the e-tricycles. But COMSTE and EVAP wanted a review of how the project was awarded.

EVAP believed the project should be bid out again, and the 20,000-unit order distributed among other local manufacturers to stimulate growth in the industry.

According to the Comste, the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Trade and Industry, and the Department of Transportation and Communication support EVAP’s position.

The COMSTE said if the situation changes and contracts are awarded to multiple suppliers and manufacturers, it would be an opportunity for the country to take advantage of developing its local industry through leverage, public awareness in using Green Transportation alternatives.

The development of an e-vehicle industry is a priority project for Comste this year. The commission has been designated the lead agency to come up with Philippine standards for electric vehicles.

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, e-trikes can save drivers up to P300 a day.

Shifting to e-vehicles will also help reduce pollution in urban centers by 25 to 30 percent, the DENR said. (Jonathan de Santos/Sunnex)

Photo: Pedicab in Albay, the ultimate environmentally-friendly mode of transport. By Reina/iCSC