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Better Late than Never! PSF CommRep Released in the nick of time

By Kairos Dela Cruz

I have never been so terrified and excited at the same time since I took my final exams on mathematical economics for the third time; I spent the whole day of May 23 waiting for the Committee Report (CommRep) on HB 3528 or the People’s Survival Fund Bill.

Are the long hours of running around Congress while being frisked every now and then worth it?

Cong. Joseph Emilio A. Abaya of the 1st District of Cavite and the chairman of the Appropriations Committee expressed support by holding the postcards used in the PSF Congress push as he posed with members of HoR Appropriations Committee Secretariat and May-i Fabros of iCSC. This shot was taken after the PSF Committee Report was signed on May 23, 2012. (Photo by Kairos dela Cruz)

Every second of that day is definitely worth it. For those who are following the PSF push, we are a step closer to making this a done deal. For those who are new to this, PSF was referred to three committees along its way of becoming a law, namely the Committee on Appropriations, Committee on Ways and Means, and the Committee on Ecology, which is also its mother committee. Like everything else that can be improved PSF was amended, tweaked, and deliberated through these committees to come up with a unified final version of the bill that will be used as the House of Representatives’ version during

the bi-cameral hearing of the bill with the Philippine Senate.

What is next after this?

PSF only won a battle in a protracted war against the impacts of climate change. PSF still needs the support of the majority of the House for it to pass the second and third reading. Speaking as a truthful lobbyist, I am not sure what will be the outcome of the remaining six regular sessions of the House before it hibernates again for the awaited SONA (State of the Nation Address). We witnessed the death of other bills that we

thought would pass. However, I strongly believe that the logic and reason behind “Why PSF should pass?” is too good, too human, and too obvious to refuse.

By the way, I got a flat three on my third take of mathematical economics. I finally realized that I almost failed because of neither the terror nor excitement I got during exams. I simply failed because I am an economics student who lost love for numbers. The fear and excitement that I know I will feel again comes Monday, 28th of May, will not give me a flat score on the PSF push. I am confident that PSF will finish high and ecstatic because I know that Filipinos from all walk of lives share the same love for life, resilience and empowerment. To cut it short, Filipinos share the love for PSF..