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Uro Tahup

uro at re charge

Uro Tahup is a Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) practitioner, trainer, rescuer, firefighter, community organizer and coalition builder who learned the ABCs of DRRM, emergency response, program management, community organizing, advocacy and networking the hard way not inside a safe and sound university classroom but in the Parliament of the Streets, the grassroots and on the frontlines working with vulnerable communities, schools, workplaces, faith-based groups, businesses, LGUs, government agencies, local and international CSOs.

He is a veteran of Yolanda, Ondoy, the two Habagats and other strong Typhoons, helping survivor communities to rise from the ruins of these extreme weather events and to build their resilience to disaster risks. His friends and colleagues have often branded him as someone who eats DRRM for breakfast, lunch, supper and even for merienda”. In fact, they even quipped that when Uro is asleep, he’s always DRRMing!

Nirvana is defined by Uro as the perfect marriage between DRRM and renewable energy when humanitarians and disaster managers finally become enlightened and give official home to renewable energy in their life-saving work.