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Red Constantino

Staff Profile_inside_RedRenato Redentor Constantino heads the climate policy group Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, the publisher of the groundbreaking literary anthology Agam: Filipino Narratives on Uncertainty and Climate Change. Constantino is the author of The Poverty of Memory: Essays on History and Empire. He writes for several publications, and his essays on history, memory, climate and beer have been translated into several languages. Constantino worked for over a decade with international environment and development campaigning organizations, spanning South, Southeast, East, and Central Asia. He is a board member of the Oakland-based human rights organisation International Accountability Project. In his spare time, Constantino runs a bar with his buddies called Fred’s Revolución in Cubao Expo, Quezon City. He rides a handsome bike named Wyatt Earp. (His previous bicycle, Goran Apache, is now with his son.) In his spare time, Constantino makes prints from wood and linoleum, paints, makes drinking glasses with discarded liquor and beer bottles. He cooks street food meals he mimicked from his long travels, for his family and friends and himself. His current fascination is weeds. Constantino is a Noranian. Yes.

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