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Danica Marie Supnet


The life of a fresh grad circles around Danica. The peer and family pressure urged her to find a job immediately after graduation as some people would say “it’s about time after a long overdue stay in college”. Graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, Major in Social Anthropology, Minor in Psychology from the University of the Philippines Baguio; and now starts a career as the AFAI Research Associate of iCSC.

Spent her “college life-free times” with a twist of volunteer works and affiliations in and outside UP Baguio: student assistant for the National Service Training Program office, recognized member of the Anthropology Organization and Tinig Amianan, an art therapy co-facilitator for abused children in the Child and Family Services Philippines Inc., and a soprano member of the Maryknoll Sanctuary Choir (upholding peace and justice of the environment through music); Danica believes in the principles of volunteerism as an essential social humanitarial activity that is composed of a pseudo mathematical equation:

{[(information x discourse) + (intervention x art) + (building rapport x happiness)]- worries and pressures} / SELF MANAGEMENT = “don’t waste your time worrying about the things that pressures you; instead do something more prolific and creative.”

Music has been a part of Danica’s life, a gift she inherited from her father. She will take any KTV challenge, just name the song and number and she will sing it.

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