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Chloe Elizabeth Hill

Chloe is originally from the wilderness of Tasmania and has always had an interest in the complexity of human-environment interactions! Obtaining industry experience in forestry, solar energy, environmental education and environmental auditing have fuelled her passion to create positive change within the environmental and climate change sector. After completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science in Tasmania she decided to look abroad to discover how other countries undertake climate change and environment related policy.  Chloe will graduate from a Master of Environmental Governance in 2015 and is currently undertaking an internship with iCSC where she hopes to learn as much as possible about sustainable energy solutions and the inner workings of climate change adaptation, finance and policy.1-Photo 2

Chloe’s secret talents (or now not so secret talents) include: eating a whole spoonful of vegemite (and enjoying it), cartwheeling and making delicious banana pancakes in less than 5 minutes.

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