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A promising adaptation mix

By: Kairos dela Cruz

There is no mistaking that climate change is upon us. We are no longer talking about projections. We are experiencing impacts, both episodic and slow-onset, now. This is the working timeline in this year’s Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The event, which will run from October 1-3 brings in more than 400 adaptation practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and development partners. The event is divided into several plenary sessions that tackle a wide range of issues around adaptation.

When I got my invitation to join the event, I took a step back to assess how the event will feed in to my existing work in the safe haven of Cubao X.

Is this a capacity building workshop? Is this a coordination meeting? Or maybe this is just a good excuse to wear barong and coat for three days?

I came to an assumption that this is a good chance to learn and scope opportunities in sustaining adaptation efforts in the Philippines, mostly through our office and our network- Aksyon Klima Pilipinas. We know a lot, we are advancing in different bases that we never thought possible especially on climate finance but we still have to learn more.

I am unsure whether my assumption will hold in the next few days but I am sure that an event of this size, magnitude, and richness is a sure way of learning something; right or wrong, applicable or irrelevant, I get to bring something home.


After seeing the programme book and the sessions lined up, I’m in for a good one.

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