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Climate Friendly Cities, Trailblazing eJeepneys

iCSC took on the challenge of closing the "green loop" in transportation when it launched the electric jeepney revolution in July 2007. We have since marked a series of milestones: the first domestically manufactured eJeepney (2008), the first official registration papers issued to electric jeepneys (2008), the first public routes dedicated to electric public transport, called the Makati Green Routes (2009), the first electric vehicle charging station (2009) and the first e-vehicle battery-swapping program (2011). iCSC formed the private consortium which received the first commercial eJeepney fleet franchise in 2012.

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It’s All System Go to avail of PSF Funding

By Philippines News Agency The P1-billion People’s Survival Fund (PSF) is “all systems go,” and the PSF Board is now awaiting for the endorsement of the Climate Change Commission (CCC) for the implementation of various climate-change programs and projects sought for financing under the special fund. Renato Redentor Constantino, executive

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By Renato Redentor Constantino AGAM: Filipino Narratives on Uncertainty and Climate Change was launched in June 2014 in Quezon City, and subsequently re-launched in Washington DC, Manhattan, Berlin, and Denver. The other week, it won the National Book Award for English Anthology. Agam is likely the world’s first literary anthology

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Fund Tracking Flaw seen in LGU Climate projects

By Victor V. Saulon A MECHANISM for deploying financing to local climate change programs is still not available, hindering the ability to measure their effectiveness, an official with the People’s Survival Fund (PSF) said. A total of P1 billion has been set aside for PSF, an annual allocation at the

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Reflections: A blog on tracking climate finance and the research process

By Janssen Mozar Martinez “Climate Finance”—I was not aware that such a field exists. I only knew that there were anthropogenic environmental abuses that degrade the planet, which gave birth to accelerated climate change. I also knew that there were social movements and civic organizations pushing for major reforms on

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Traditional Early Warning Signals

by: Catherine Roween Almaden for iCSC International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) was celebrated last October 13, 2015 with the theme: “Knowledge for Life”. The focus this year is on the traditional, indigenous and local knowledge which complement modern science and add to an individual’s and societies’ resilience. Let us look at how

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Community Participation in Adaptation Planning

By Danica Marie Supnet I cannot hide my agitation to speak during class discussions, especially when I know the topic very well. Our professor started the class using participatory development theories and contesting the relevance of participation in the context of the new normal (climate change). The light bulb in

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