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Climate Friendly Cities, Trailblazing eJeepneys

iCSC took on the challenge of closing the "green loop" in transportation when it launched the electric jeepney revolution in July 2007. We have since marked a series of milestones: the first domestically manufactured eJeepney (2008), the first official registration papers issued to electric jeepneys (2008), the first public routes dedicated to electric public transport, called the Makati Green Routes (2009), the first electric vehicle charging station (2009) and the first e-vehicle battery-swapping program (2011). iCSC formed the private consortium which received the first commercial eJeepney fleet franchise in 2012.

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A few things to consider

A few things to consider Renato Redentor Constantino Jakarta, 01 September — The news of men, the concerns. It’s a curious thing. Elsewhere in the world, three Category 4 typhoons have formed in the Pacific, an unprecedented gathering. (1) Colorado state hurricane expert Phil Klotzbach pointed to “a couple of

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Mother’s kindness inspires heroism

GIGIE CRUZ, TEXT AND PHOTOS, WITH A REPORT BY RED CONSTANTINO,08/31/2015 12:34 PM The air was thick with the sense of anxiety as Corporal Annjannette Donato Obligado, while on duty at the Armed Forces of the Philippines General Headquarters, and her husband PO2 Oliver Obligado, who was also based in

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Bayanihan CrissCross

A real “Building Back Better STRONGER, TOGETHER” as our partners at Plan International always say. Let’s define this word first: Bayanihan (Tagalog). it means Pintakasi in Waray or Cooperative Endeavor/Effort in English or Kyōryoku-tekina doryoku (協力的な努力) in Japanese! That is our topic! Here’s the story… The Institute for Climate and

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Badass Change-makers

by Emily Pritchard Hello! My name is Emily, one of a number of interns who get the privilege and pleasure of working with iCSC this year. I’m an Australian undergrad student studying Environmental Science and Social Science, essentially it’s just a broad look at sustainability. I like dogs, blogs, and

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Tagging is a Big Deal

By Danica Marie Supnet We reignited our local tracking initiatives of monies intended to improve local resilience and adaptability with a resounding, “Let’s get it on!” It’s about high time to start packing up and start another round of meetings and field visits. Our next stop… Davao del Norte. We

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by: Red Constantino She leaves on Tuesday for the US to take up a Fulbright scholarship. She carries with her a sense of wonder, which comes with useful ignorance: a person without the conceit of thinking she has full knowledge of everything she needs to know, who is therefore bright enough to

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